Spill Detector from KD Scientific

Spill Detector from KD Scientific
KD Scientific

KD Scientific, Holliston, MA, offers the OS-250 spill detector that lets you detect spills and leaks around your HPLC before they can cause problems. The system combines a moisture sensing mat specially developed for detecting liquid spills and a control unit. The controller sounds an audible alarm, flashes an LED, and turns off the power of any device plugged into the single-output solid-state power controller. The switched power outlet can control up to 8 A. The spill detector is supplied with the controller, connector cable, and 4 reusable 30 by 30 cm mats that can be cut to size.

Contact Info

Company: KD Scientific
Phone number: 508-429-6809
Fax: 508-893-0160

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