Spherical Image Processor Employs Six Big-Pixel Sensors

ASPEED Technology’s Cupola360 spherical image processor is a System-on-Chip (SoC) designed from the ground up for 360-degree image processing. The device integrates six big-pixel high sensitivity sensors, in-camera hardware stitching (integrated image-stitching logic: Hyper-stitching), 4k 30 fps video, H.265/H.264 encoding, image processing, and a comprehensive software ecosystem. With a focus on using six big-pixel sensors, the Cupola360 promises to reduce the lens-distortion found in traditional approaches that use two fish-eye lenses.


Reportedly, the processor is the world’s first SoC created specifically for 360-degree images. Stitching six individual images into a single 360-degree image is performed by unique hardware image-stitching technology. The resulting lag-free video is captured and encoded into 4K 30 fps streams with H.264 or H.265 encoding.

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The Cupola360 software ecosystem, including Android & iOS apps, eases integration into camera and drone designs. It allows users to store pictures and video files on SD storage with up to 2 Terabyte of addressable space. For more information, watch the Cupola360 video and visit ASPEED Technology.


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