Spectral Vibration Data Logger from MadgeTech

Spectral Vibration Data Logger from MadgeTech
MadgeTech Inc.

The SVR101 from MadgeTech Inc., Warner, NH, is a logger designed to record accelerations for the spectral analysis of vibration and peaks for endurance testing, machinery failure detection, and vehicle vibration monitoring. The device records and time stamps 3-axis vibrations and peaks to provide a history of shock and vibration conditions. It measures and computes real-time spectral data using an FFT from 0–128 Hz. Data are logged only when the trigger level is exceeded. The device is available in ±5 g and ±50 g ranges.

Contact Info

Company: MadgeTech Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 603-456-2011
Fax: 603-456-2012

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