Special Interest Group to Create Bluetooth Medical-Device Profile

MINNEAPOLIS /PRNewswire/ -- Nonin Medical, Inc., announced it has joined 18 other companies, including IBM, Intel, Motorola, Philips Electronics, and Welch Allyn, in a Bluetooth Special Interest Group Medical Devices Working Group to create a Bluetooth medical device profile. Once ratified, the new protocol would enable health-related devices—such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors, and exercise equipment—to communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth-enabled medical devices and consumer electronics products, such as cell phones, PCs, and PDAs.

"Establishing wireless interoperability is key to bringing the advantages of today's communication technologies to patient care," said Gary Tschautscher, president and chief executive officer of Nonin Medical. "With health devices that are enabled to communicate with one another and common consumer electronic products, health and performance information can easily be shared with and monitored by doctors, fitness coaches, and family members no matter where they are. Standardized wireless communications will help improve care and reduce the need for costly office, home and emergency room visits."

Participation in the Bluetooth Working Group is a logical step for Nonin, which in 2002 became the first company to commercialize a Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeter, a device that measures blood oxygen saturation. "Our experience has demonstrated Bluetooth's many benefits, including improved patient comfort and increased flexibility and portability to simplify the health care provider's job. We are committed to leading the industry with additional wireless medical solutions to improve health care quality, streamline and simplify care, and lower costs."

The Medical Device Working Group expects to draft the Bluetooth specification this year and make it available for use in devices in the first half of 2007.

About Nonin Medical, Inc.
Minneapolis-based Nonin Medical, a privately owned company specializing in the design and manufacture of physiological monitoring solutions, distributes its products to health and medical professionals in more than 125 countries. Since 1986, Nonin has developed a broad product line of pulse oximeters, sensors, accessories, and software for use by medical professionals. Its industry-leading capabilities in signal processing, sensor design, and an innovative combination of features not available in competitive products are the foundation of its leadership in innovation.

About Bluetooth Wireless Technology and the Bluetooth SIG
Bluetooth wireless technology is the global short-range wireless standard for personal connectivity of a broad range of electronic devices. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, comprised of leaders in the telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics, automotive, and network industries, is driving development of Bluetooth wireless technology and bringing it to market.

The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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