SPC Demonstrates GlobalTrak's Extended Communications Capability

ARLINGTON, VA /PRNewswire/ -- System Planning Corporation's (SPC) GlobalTrak team successfully demonstrated how GlobalTrak units can effectively communicate with each other through ZigBee ad-hoc mesh networking. The units form the core of a communication system that has the capability to communicate globally, 24/7, by means of an information technology spine, termed the Information Management Bureau (IMB).

At specified time intervals, the system dynamically creates an ad-hoc mesh network that can then communicate, using satellite communication technology, through the IMB. Messages can be sent via the IMB on a regularly scheduled basis or on a priority basis, when triggered by an event, such as an alarm generated by its suite of sensors. SPC has a patent pending in this area.

"The ability for cargo containers to transmit critical information to the outside world when they do not have clear communication channels has been a major drawback in the tracking of cargo," said Linda Easley, Executive Vice President of SPC.

"This new capability allows containers to communicate with each other and allow for reliable security and hitherto unachievable communication. Whether buried at the bottom of a stack of containers in a cargo hold, stationary, or in transit, GlobalTrak devices are always able to get their messages transmitted," Easley added.

The advancement of GlobalTrak systems to provide for any time, any place communication is the next step in demonstrating successful supply chain security.

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