Spartan Advanced Protection System Reinvents Motor Coach Driver Safety

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA-- Spartan Specialty Vehicles announces the availability of its new Advanced Protection System (APS), a package of market-leading collision mitigation and coach stability features designed to make owning and operating a Class A recreational vehicle (RV) safer for drivers, passengers, and other vehicles that share the road.

Spartan's new Advanced Protection System integrates collision mitigation, electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control and an integrated tow-vehicle airbrake system to Spartan's stability and defensive driving technologies. The new package will be available beginning with select model year 2017 Class A motor coaches.

Spartan's Advanced Protection System includes the following capabilities:

•Collision Mitigation, Warning, and Active Braking: available in an integrated digital dash display, the radar-based forward collision warning indicator first alerts the driver audibly and visually of potentially dangerous driving scenarios that could lead to a rear-end collision; if no action is taken, the coach actively brakes† to mitigate the chance of a collision. The Spartan APS is an always-on monitoring system that provides warnings, even when the cruise control is not set. ◦Cutting-Edge Radar Technology: a forward-looking radar system with dual beam technology that detects objects in the motorhome's path at distances up to 650 feet away. The dual beam radar uses far-range and near-range detection to expand the total area of radar coverage. This 77 GHz radar technology provides fast and accurate detection of objects far ahead, while covering a wider angle to check adjacent lanes and even stationary vehicles.
•Adaptive Cruise Control: assists the driver in maintaining a safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of them by decelerating automatically. The system makes driving long hours a more relaxed and pleasant experience.
•Electronic Stability Control: automatically brakes individual coach wheels to help drivers maintain control during extreme steering maneuvers.
•Spartan Safe Haul: a hydraulic tow vehicle braking system integrated with Spartan's chassis systems so tow vehicles receive adequate and safe air pressure to supply optimal braking performance.

A product overview of the Spartan Advanced Protection System and other details are available at

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