Spansion Expands HMI Solutions with Voice and Graphics-Enabled MCUs

Spansion FM4 Family Delivers High Performance and Complete HMI Toolkits for Voice and Graphics

SUNNYVALE, CA -- Spansion Inc. expands its presence in industrial, consumer, and home appliances with two new ARM Cortex-M4-based microcontroller offerings: the Spansion FM4 S6E2DH series with an integrated graphics display controller and the S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F series with self-contained voice command control.

"These new product families deliver tremendous value and flexibility, enabling customers to design intuitive next generation human machine interface (HMI) systems," said Dhiraj Handa, senior vice president and general manager of Spansion's multi-market microcontroller business. "As the Internet of Things (IoT) appliances become more pervasive, Spansion's rich history of delivering MCUs, flash and energy harvesting advancements further solidifies the company as a leader in this market."

Spansion FM4 S6E2DH Series with Integrated Graphics Display Controller

The S6E2DH series offers an industry-leading combination of a high-performance ARM Cortex-M4 core based microcontroller, a 2D rendering graphics display controller (GDC) with dedicated video RAM and a rich mix of communication and digital peripherals making it a truly integrated embedded processor for integrating displays in industrial, consumer and home applications. The GDC enables rich graphics processing and offloads the microcontroller CPU for other application functions. The S6E2DH series provides high-speed interfaces for connecting to NAND and NOR flash and SDRAM. Spansion's HyperBus™ interface is part of the graphics subsystem allowing very fast image retrieval without blocking code execution.

The GDC comes with a low-level library for drawing and fast rendering of 2D shapes, in addition to several image processing features such as zoom, scale, rotate, mirror and move. It also features alpha-blending transparency of layers and image decompression to reduce memory requirements while increasing image fetch speed. These features make the highly integrated S6E2DH ideal for smart consumer/home appliances, where the bill of material (BOM) cost is kept low while delivering the rich graphics experience that consumers expect.

Key features:

•ARM Cortex-M4, 160MHz operation •384KB flash, 36KB SRAM
•USB 2.0 (host/device), DMAC, DSTC, CAN-FD, I2S x 2, SD card interface
•External bus interface (SRAM, SDRAM, NOR flash, NAND flash)
•24 channel 2Msps 12-bit ADC
•8 channels base timer (PWC/Reload timer/PWM/PPG)
•Up to 6 channel multifunction timer (A/D activation compare, IC, OC, waveform generator, free-run timer, programmable pulse generator)
•8 channel multi-function serial blocks (UART/CSIO (SPI)/I2C/LIN)
•Integrated 2D rendering Graphics Display Controller •Up to 512KB video RAM and 2MB SPI video flash
•Hi-speed quad SPI, HyperBus interface and SDRAM interface
•Supports up to WVGA resolution (8-bit color) with internal VRAM
•Supports up to SVGA resolution (24-bit color) with external SDRAM

Spansion will be providing a free-of-charge graphics authoring tool and a starter kit.

Spansion FM4 S6E2CCxxF and MB9BF568F Series with Integrated Voice Command Control
The S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F series enables voice command control with over-the-air firmware update support via Wi-Fi to the cost-sensitive consumer and home IoT market. Based on the ARM-Cortex M4 processor, the S6E2CCxxF series supports up to 2MB of flash separated into two banks allowing firmware updates during device operation.

Voice command control solution library features:
•Speaker independent voice control •Supports >100 commands
•Commands stored in MCU flash and decoded real time
•User commands defined using a text file
•Software provided to convert commands to Library functions
•Built-in noise reduction
•Multiple language support (English, Chinese, German, Japanese)
•Voice activity detection, wake-up word
•Support for custom pronunciations

Key S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F features:
•ARM Cortex-M4F, up to 200MHz operation •Up to 2MB flash, up to 256KB SRAM
•Dual flash bank, 1MB block per bank
•USB 2.0 (host/device), DMAC, DSTC, CAN, I2S, SD Card interface, Ethernet MAC
•External bus interface (SRAM, SDRAM, NOR flash, NAND flash)
•Up to 24 channel 2Msps 12-bit ADC, 2 channel 12-bit DAC
•8 channels base timer (PWC/Reload timer/PWM/PPG)
•Up to 6 channel multifunction timer (A/D activation compare, IC, OC, waveform generator, free-run timer, programmable pulse generator)
•8 channel UART/CSIO (SPI)/I2C/LIN

A voice control-enabled starter kit along with the command programming software will be available next month.

Availability and Pricing

The Spansion FM4 S6E2DH series with integrated graphics display controller will be available in 120-pin/176-pin LQFP/TEQFP and 161-pin FBGA packages. Budgetary pricing for the S6E2DH series starts at $5.05 in 10k units.

The S6E2CCxxF and MB9BF568F series with integrated voice command control will be available in 144-pin/192-pin FBGA and 176-pin LQFP packages. Budgetary pricing starts at $6.95 in 10k units.

•Spansion FM4 S6E2DH series datasheet:
•Spansion FM4 S6E2CC series datasheet:
•Spansion FM4 MB9BF568F series datasheet:

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