Sony Introduces Automatic Optical Inspection for PCBs

ARCwire -- Sony Manufacturing Systems America Inc. (SMSA) announced a new automatic optical inspection machine that delivers high-speed operation with accuracy and flexibility in a compact design. Suitable for the detection of inaccurate component mounting, reversed component, missing component, incorrect polarity, missing solder, bridging and solder quantity, the SI-V200 model has a two-megapixel color CCD camera and a high-intensity, three-stage white ring lighting system incorporated in a rigid, cast-iron frame. This significantly reduces operational noise and ensures a stable inspection environment.

When the two-megapixel CCD camera is used in standard resolution (15.5 µm), the field of view capacity increases 54% as compared with previous models. The system also works with a tele-centric lens to reduce distortion, increasing the of inspection accuracy of adjacent components and ensuring that images are captured correctly in all areas.

Also new is the use of a linear motor to drive the X axis. Industry-tested linear motor technology provides higher reliability and lower maintenance as it relies on fewer mechanical parts. To compliment the upgrade to the linear motor drive, Sony has chosen its own Magnascale technology for position control and feedback. This durable technology has been widely used for the position control of high-precision metal cutting machinery for more than 30 years.

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