Sonics and AlphaChips Collaborate to Develop Advanced SoC Design Platforms

MILPITAS, CA -- Sonics, Inc. is collaborating with AlphaChips, a Korean semiconductor design services company, on the development of advanced SoC design platforms. Sonics will provide the SonicsGN NoC for integration of semiconductor IP and consult with AlphaChips on the front-end RTL design flow for the SoC platforms. In addition, Sonics will work closely with AlphaChips on power management specification and implementation for the SoC platforms based on its recently introduced ICE-Grain™ Power Architecture.

"We are excited to be working with AlphaChips, one of the leading semiconductor design services firms in Korea," said Grant Pierce, CEO of Sonics. "AlphaChips has strong business and technical relationships with key system and semiconductor customers. Our collaboration on these new SoC design platforms will give Sonics' NoC and power management technologies greater exposure in the region."

"As semiconductor process technology advances rapidly, we are integrating various applications into a single system semiconductor," said Kyoung Ro Yun, Vice President of SoC Solution at AlphaChips. "The two most important considerations in SoC development are time-to-market and optimizing competitiveness. AlphaChips builds SoC platforms with on-chip network architecture and power management technologies from Sonics because this IP accelerates the SoC development process. Customers using AlphaChips' platforms can expect to enter the market as soon as possible and ensure a competitive edge. Leveraging Sonics' IP in our SoC platform implementation enables AlphaChips to focus on providing a complete and a total solution to our customers."

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