Sonar Technology Turns Any Surface Into A Smart Sensor

According to its creator, Welle (pronounced vell-uh) is a smart device that instantly turns any surface into a smart interface that recognizes unlimited hand gestures and handwriting to control a plethora of devices. The small module relies on Sonar technology, enabling users to control all of their smart devices such as lights, TVs, speakers, doors, thermostats, cameras, curtain/blinds, fans, PowerPoint presentations, apps, and “if this, then that” (IFTTT) conditional task applets.

Welle works anywhere with a Bluetooth connection. Users can place Welle on any surface or location, or mount Welle on a wall with included 3M stickers. Working as a universal remote, it recognizes standardized gestures and allows users to assign unique gestures or handwriting shortcuts.

Welle uses Sonar technology, advanced ultrasonic signals used in the military, automotive and drone markets that can accurately track human movements. It transmits signal pulses and collects the reflected energy back from targets, identifying motions, gestures, and finger movements from the echoed signals. These echoes are translated into different instructions and words to IoT devices using software algorithms.

Welle In Action

Controlling Lights

Controlling Speakers

Thermostat Control

Tablet Control

Welle CEO Mark Zeng says, “Human hands are one of nature’s most perfect creations. They are highly sensitive and can manipulate objects with fine dexterity. The iPhone ushered in the era of touch control, but its under-glass technology diminishes the hand’s tactile feel, limiting the ability to control devices with a high degree of sensitivity. Welle overcomes this obstacle by creating convenient controls for people at home and at work. The feedback has been amazing.”

Open API Now Available for Software & Hardware Developers

Welle provides an open Application Programming Interface (API) for software and hardware developers to redefine gestures, creating infinite possibilities for controlling devices and apps. Welle features a well-designed API, readable documents, example codes, and a developer community with full support. For more information on the Welle API, CLICK HERE or email your questions.

Welle measure less than 3 in. long and weighs 3.5 oz. and installs in a few minutes with the app for Android and iOS users. Users can setup Bluetooth connections between Welle and the target devices quickly by following the steps on the app.

Available October 2017, Welle will be priced at $99, with early-bird Kickstarter pricing of $59 for a limited time. For more information, visit the KICKSTARTER PAGE and the COMPANY’S WEBSITE.

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