Solidica to Unveil Ultra-Rugged Wireless Sensors

ANN ARBOR, MI /PRNewswire/ -- Solidica Inc. will take advantage of the 2007 Sensors Expo in Chicago to unveil a suite of products for use in industrial processes and manufacturing applications. Solidica, which won the Best of Sensors Expo award in 2006 for its Pantheon smart network sensor system, is a world leader in ultra-rugged wireless telematics, diagnostics, and prognostics platforms, as well as cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies.

Solidica's industrial-process monitoring solution is entirely legacy compatible: it provides a zero-overhaul environment for immediate and seamless integration of Pantheon wireless/wired sensors into existing industrial platforms, software, and devices. Moreover, the legacy interface automatically becomes wireless and digital once integrated with the Pantheon system.

"Our system approach enables an enormous array of interchangeable and customizable functionality," said Jeff Jorge, Director of Global Market Development. Self-contained as well as plug-and-play sensors measure vibration, temperature, pressure, gear and bearing health, and many other parameters crucial to industrial processes. "It greatly enhances existing legacy systems, rather than forcing customers to upgrade an entire infrastructure. Ultimately, it enables customers to wirelessly link physical-parameter sensing to their own control systems," added Jorge.

Designed to withstand the demands of harsh environments, the ultra-rugged system packaging is robust and, in some models, tamper-proof—ideal for industrial settings unforgiving of fragile equipment. Efficient power and self-health management ensure long system life to provide continuous monitoring with little maintenance.

Like all Pantheon-based technologies, the platform is smart and adaptable, offering distributed system intelligence with sensor-level application monitoring and processing of diagnostic, prognostic, and preventive maintenance data. The smart system's robust control set is highly user-customizable, allowing low-level control of the platform and network to integrate easily into nearly any industrial process system.

Solidica has leveraged its experience in other harsh-environment markets to provide its award-winning wireless/wired sensing technologies to industrial and manufacturing customers. The company will be exhibiting this and many other of its products at the 2007 Sensors Expo in Chicago, IL, June 12-13, Booth 301.

About Solidica
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, Solidica is a rapidly growing technology company that provides smart sensors, integrated system networks, and solid-state fabrication solutions. The company leverages its expanding internal capabilities to deliver innovative products to customers in markets such as military, automotive, aerospace, industrial, and consumer products. Visit the company's Web site for more information, or contact Jeff Jorge at 734-222-4680, x116.