Solidica Begins Expansion Into Asia-Pacific Market

ANN ARBOR, MI /PRNewswire/ -- Solidica, Inc. has been selected from a global group of small- and medium-size companies to participate in the Greater Nagoya Initiative (GNI) in Japan. The invitation and travel sponsorship was granted via the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a partner to GMI which offers business development connections to global companies looking to enter the Japanese and Asia-Pacific market.

GNI—a joint organization of national and local governments, industry and academia—was created to promote international exchanges and to develop the industrial economy in the Nagoya region (home to, among others, Toyota Motor Co.). The program seeks to find eligible companies with superior growth trends, differentiated technology portfolios, and strategies to expand into the Asia-Pacific market: all of which were key factors in selecting Solidica for the all-expenses-paid trip in mid-October.

"It was a great honor to have been invited to join this initiative," said Jeff Jorge, Director of Global Market Development for Solidica. "The companies with whom we met—ranging from Automotive OEMs to industrial process equipment manufacturers—represent some of Japan's most admired corporations. We look forward to the development of our commercial relationship with them." Since its inception in 2004, GNI has attracted 26 organizations to establish offices in the Nagoya region—where the regional gross domestic product (GDP) ranks as the 18th largest in the world.

"Solidica is mindful of the importance of relationships with Japanese companies and of the economic power of the Nagoya region in its future growth," Ken Johnson, Solidica's President stated. "This invitation also represented an opportunity for the State of Michigan, as Solidica's cutting edge products and growth prospects can continue to fuel the diversification efforts of the State's economy."

About Solidica
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, Solidica is a rapidly growing technology solutions company that captures harsh-environment and mobile parameters and seamlessly links them to enterprise management systems. The company leverages its expanding internal capabilities to provide customers with innovative smart sensor network and solid-state fabrication solutions in industries such as military, automotive, aerospace, industrial, and consumer products. Visit Solidica's Web site for more information or contact Jeff Jorge at (734) 222-4680 x116.

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