Solid-State HVAC Sensors from Minco

Solid-State HVAC Sensors from Minco

The Chill-Out combination sensor from Minco, Minneapolis, MN, replaces the Freeze Stat commonly used to protect chillers in air handling equipment in commercial buildings. The HVAC device combines a low-temperature cut-out sensor and an independent averaging temperature sensor. Features include solid-state sensors, easy mounting in any direction, the lack of capillary tubes, low-temperature sensitivity within a 12 in. segment, easily formed aluminum or ultra-flexible PVC-coated galvanized armor sensor case, and 4–20 mA temperature loop output with an optional Temptran transmitter. A relay changes state to deliver a failure detection signal in the event of a power loss.

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Company: Minco
Phone number: 763-571-3121

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