Solid-State Gyro from Watson Industries

Solid-State Gyro from Watson Industries
Watson Industries Inc.

The Pro Gyro from Watson Industries Inc., Eau Claire, WI, is a solid-state rate gyro designed as a VSG replacement and featuring built-in test and enhanced EMI/RFI protection. The device is available in ranges from ±50°/s to ±200°/s, depending on model (±100°/s typical); provides a 0–5 VDC output; survives shocks to 500 g; provides 0.025°/s resolution, has a 50 mV/°/s analog scale factor (typical), and features a wide bandwidth, low drift, low noise, and a finely tuned and temperature-compensated sensing element. Applications include aircraft flight instrumentation and control, platform stabilization, robotics, short-term navigation, vehicle test instrumentation, and train tilt controls.

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