Solid State Fuse Excels In Demanding Designs

Schurter’s latest High Current Fuse (HCF) is a robust SMD fuse employing solid-state, thin-film technology. It exhibits a fast reacting breaking capacity of 1,000A at 125 Vac/125 Vdc, over a current range of 5A to 15A, making it suitable for use in particularly harsh applications. In contrast to conventional fuses with a melting wire, the HCF has a metallic thin film layer.  With this manufacturing technique, a metal layer is applied in conjunction with a so-called sputter.  The two form on a glass substrate in an exact micrometer thickness.  The resulting fuse element is enclosed with a ceramic housing, that guarantees the necessary stability and interrupt capacity. The HCF fuse is cURus approved and VDE approval is pending. A datasheet is available at 


Schurter Inc.

Santa Rosa, CA.




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