Solderless Connectors Cover Frequencies Up To 50 GHz

Pasternack’s latest line of solderless vertical launch connectors for high-speed networking, computing, and telecommunications applications consists of 12 models that provide VSWR as low as 1.3:1 and a maximum operating frequency up to 50 GHz, depending on the model. These launches boast a reusable clamp attachment and can be used for microstrip or stripline.


The connectors are offered in male and female versions, covering 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm and SMA interfaces, and all models provide solderless installation. The removable vertical launches feature a stainless steel outer conductor, gold-plated beryllium copper center contact and Polyetherimide (PEI) insulators. They are viable for high-speed backplanes, signal integrity measurements, semiconductor verification boards, multi-channel tests and SERDES applications. For more details, checkout the datasheets or call 949-261-1920.

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