Solar-Tectic LLC presents breakthrough perovskite/crystalline silicon thin-film tandem solar cell technology

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY --- Solar-Tectic LLC ("ST") presented a paper at the "Fifth International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics (ECM5) - working on small scales" in Inverness, Scotland, making public for the first time details of its breakthrough technology for highly efficient and inexpensive solar cells. The paper, titled "High efficiency perovskite/crystalline silicon thin-film tandem solar cell from a highly textured MgO[111] buffered glass substrate: a proposal" has been submitted for publication in the peer reviewed "Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics".

Recently perovskite materials have gained much attention as a solution to the longstanding problem of solar cell efficiency, and while there have been many reports of perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells, remarkably there have been none on perovskite/thin-film silicon. Crystalline thin-film silicon promises to be less expensive than silicon wafer technology due to low temperature processing and less material use.

Importantly, the entire process is non-toxic since tin (Sn) is used in the perovskite material, rather than lead (Pb). The technology is the very first of its kind to be published and patents have been filed for world-wide protection.

In May, 2016 Solar-Tectic LLC was granted a patent for a related technology, a hybrid inorganic/polymer thin-film solar cell (see US patent 9.349,995 B2 for details).

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