Solar-Powered WSNs from Virtual Extension, Sol Chip

Virtual Extension

Virtual Extension, Beit Dagan, Israel, and Sol Chip Corp., Haifa, Israel, are offering high-performance wireless mesh networks powered by solar energy harvesting. The networks use Virtual Extension's VEmesh networks that operate in the ISM sub-1 GHz frequency bands and are based on synchronized-flooding technology for true bidirectional mesh networking with space diversity. All VEmesh end nodes act as relays. The nodes are integrated with Sol Chip's solar energy harvester. Applications include smart city, agriculture, smart lighting control, smart water management, environmental monitoring, medical, security, and safety industries. Evaluation kits will be available. (Sol Chip Corp.: +972 4-8216942, [email protected])

Contact Info

Company: Virtual Extension
Country: Israel
Phone number: +972 3-732-1207

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