Solar Data Logger Kit from CAS DataLoggers

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CAS DataLoggers Inc.

The PV-3 solar data logger kit from CAS DataLoggers Inc., Chesterland, OH, and Electrocorder, lets you monitor photovoltaic cell output and examine voltage and current curves during the day. The kit includes a datalogger, 2 fused voltage input leads, a DC current probe, a pyranometer, USB lead, 12 VDC PSU, software, and a carrying case. The logger lets you monitor one or two DC voltage channels from 1–60 VDC as well as record solar irradiance from 0–1500 W/m2; V avg., V max., and V min. on two channels; and up to 32,000 TRMS voltage values per channel, operating for up to 4 weeks. Data are time and date stamped.

Contact Info

Company: CAS DataLoggers Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-956-4437

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