Soil Platform Employs Satellite Connected Sensor

CropX, an Ag analytics developer, unveiled its soil intelligence platform, consisting of a combination of cloud-based Ag analytics software and advanced soil sensor technology. The soil sensors and intelligence platform integrate with top irrigation systems to inform farmers if/when specific parts of a field need to be watered and how much water they need via any smartphone, tablet or computer. A recent Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) report found that CropX-based irrigation produced 16% to 24% more yield compared to manual irrigation.


Reportedly, the platform offers:

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  • A painless registration process that allows farmers to instantly access data from newly installed sensors without mapping a field
  • A Field Drawing capability, which ensures the platform automatically knows important information about a newly installed sensor and the soil it is in based on USDA data, weather and calculated evapotranspiration (ET) for the specific geo-location;
  • Immediate anomaly detection that alerts farmers when there might be an issue, such as unusual changes in moisture due to a pipe failure;
  • Expansive insights by individual sensors, fields or zones – from current moisture to fill and drainage points;
  • The integration of weather data, including three-day ET forecasts;
  • More control over how often sensors send data and who can access data with the addition of transmission and user setting options.  

The company offers three versions of its spiral soil sensor, which are said to eliminate soil disruption and prevent preferential flow. Adding to the capabilities of the CropX Basic Sensor, the CropX Pro Sensor and the CropX Deep Sensor deliver:

  • Global ease of use thanks to expanded compatibility with worldwide cellular systems;
  • Increased sensor longevity based on the addition of a USB-compatible rechargeable battery pack;
  • Satellite communication capabilities—an industry first; 
  • Better cloud data connectivity via a faster, self-selecting internal modem that automatically connects the sensor to the cellular service with the most powerful signal;
  • The ability to measure electrical conductivity (EC) salt concentration in the soil as a first step into smart fertilization management. 

All backed by the latest version of the CropX soil intelligence platform, CropX sensors are generally available for $600/Basic Sensor, $699/Pro Sensor, and $899/Deep Sensor, with an annual subscription fee starting at $275/sensor. For more details, visit CropX.


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