Software Platform Extends Smart Metering Reach

Software Platform Extends Smart Metering Reach
Semtech Corp.

The company’s complete Wireless M-Bus (WMBus) and WMBus over its LoRa RF software stack promises to simplify smart metering developments and significantly extend the range of metering deployments. The WMBus communications protocol has very little overhead and has been designed to enable very long battery lifetime. Using the WMBus protocol over the long range, low power LoRa technology is said to reduce the infrastructure cost, simplifies installation, and increases the reliability of smart metering deployments. Wireless M-Bus software is available in binary/object code format for the company’s SX1276 transceiver and ARM-based STM32 microcontroller. It supports the S, T, C modes (868 MHz) and N mode (169 MHz) from the physical layer to the application layer. Source code and other microcontroller core options are available through a separate license agreement.

Semtech Corporation
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