Software Ensures Secure Remote Connections

Software Ensures Secure Remote Connections

The Virtual Central Lock (VCL) is a premium software solution that promises to be a flexible and secure remote connections solution for organizations, irrespective of their size, that utilize varying degrees of cloud computing. Caverion, which designs, builds, operates and maintains technical solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructure, is one of the first organizations to adopt Tosibox VCL. Main VCL features include:

• Virtual Central Lock is the hub of TOSIBOX VPN connections. It enables central management of Lock, Key or Mobile Client connections
• Scales from micro environments to even 10,000 locks and more
• Targets users deploying tens, thousands, or tens of thousands of TOSIBOX Locks in various locations. VCL enables even higher scalability
• Cost efficient due to flexible licensing model
• With VCL and always-on VPN connections, users can enable applications like data logging, continuous monitoring, or remote maintenance
• With virtual platforms, it is possible to achieve a very high level of redundancy and fault-tolerance where failover time is measured in seconds
• Because it’s virtual, it can be deployed in the office network or in the favorite cloud infrastructure
• Virtual Central Lock enables hybrid cloud solutions where your existing infrastructure is connected securely with the cloud

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