Socionext Starts Volume Production of New "Camera Front Engine" from Milbeaut Image Processor Series

SUNNYVALE, CA -- Socionext America Inc. begins volume production of its new MB86S29, a 'camera front engine' specialized for Bayer data processing that accommodates new functions of the industry's latest image sensors.

The MB86S29 is the newest Milbeaut Image Processor product from Socionext and is targeted mainly for smartphones. By accommodating new functionalities of the latest image sensors, the MB86S29 lets module makers implement these functions without replacing their application processors.

Recently, it is common to find cameras in smartphones or other mobile devices that are configured with application processors (AP) equipped with built-in image signal processor (ISP) functionalities. These APs can directly process output from image sensors, and help reduce the footprint and cost of camera modules. The MB86S29 supports this trend as a "Camera Front Engine" that replaces conventional ISPs. Connected in between an image sensor and an AP, it is specialized for Bayer data processing, so users can configure their APs with the same interface directory connected to image sensors, and to make full use of phase detect auto focus (AF) or high dynamic range (HDR).

The MB86S29 has 4 lanes each of 2.1Gbps MIPI Rx / Tx. It can process 16M pixel images at 30 frame per second (fps). It is also applicable for noise reduction, shading correction, and 3A (AE / AF / AWB) detection. It is available in the smallest package of any member of the Milbeaut series, at 4mm x 4mm.

Since its first release in 2000, the Milbeaut series of image processors has established a track record in applications from digital SLR cameras for prosumers to commodities like smartphones, or industrial equipment like security cameras. Socionext will continue to deliver a broad range of imaging solutions, based on its technological expertise and a long history of providing services to its customers.

The MB86S29 has been designed to utilize "Hybrid AF", which combines the accuracy of contrast AF and the speed of phase detect AF, enabling maximum 4x faster AF, in comparison with the previous Milbeaut products. Low power consumption is just 310mW when processing phase detect AF.

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The MB86S29 also supports Sensor HDR. Conventional HDR imaging, which generates a picture from multiple frames taken with different exposures, has disadvantages, such as image blurs caused by the difference between the frames, and time needed to take those multiple frames. The MB86S29 can process data with different exposure settings within one image so it can process the HDR images with higher visibility in 16M pixel, at the speed of 30 fps.

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MB86S29 Specifications
•16M Pixel at 30fps, Bayer Output
•Compatible with phase detect AF Sensors
•Compatible with Sensor HDR
•Defective Pixel Correction (including pixels for phase detect AF)
•Shading Correction
•Package: 4mm x 4mm
•MIPI-Rx: 4 lanes (2.1Gbps) + 2 lanes (1.5Gbps)
•MIPI-Tx: 4 lans (2.1Gbps)
•Dual ARM processor Core


The new MB86S29 is available for USD $3.00 each when purchased in volume quantities of 5 Million pieces or more.

For product information:
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