Socionext Announces New Low-Power, Scalable ARM-based Multi-Core Processor SoC

SUNNYVALE, CA -- Socionext Inc. introduces a new ARM-based multi-core processor "SC2A11A". The SoC Integrates 24 cores of ARM Cortex-A53 on a single die, and provides optimum solution for growing applications such as data center servers for online service providers and edge computing in IoT (Internet of Things) systems.

When maximizing the hardware efficiency for data center server systems, a scalable, distributed computing server system with power-efficient processors and optimized memory architecture is essential for achieving high performance with lower power consumption. The SC2A11A provides optimal CPU balance of performance and power consumption for such requirements, incorporating 24 cores of power-efficient ARM Cortex-A53, along with 64-bit memory.

The small core solution implemented in the SC2A11A does not require an advanced cooling system, so the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) coefficient is also superior, when the SoC is utilized for the data center servers.

The SC2A11A's performance and the power efficiency are suitable not only for data centers but also for edge computing applications, which is seeing rapid growth as the IoT (Internet of Things) expands.

With the offering of this new cutting-edge, cost-effective, energy-efficient solution added to the company's extensive product portfolio, Socionext aims to create a better future and a better quality of experience for people throughout the world.

Main specifications of SC2A11A include the following:
• Processor : Cortex-A53 MPCore 24cores, 1GHz, L1 I/D=32KB/32KB,
• L2 =256KB, L3 =4MB
• Memory I/F : DDR4-2133Mbps 64-bit + ECC
• PCIe : PCI Express Gen2, Root/Endpoint select, 4 lanes (2 systems/ for SoC IF)
• LAN : 2ch 1Gbps with IPSec Network Offload Engine (wire-speed)
• Flash I/F : HSSPI, eMMC
• Serial I/F : UART, I2C, GPIO

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