SoC Technology Advances Mine Tracking

VANCOUVER, BC (MARKET WIRE) -- iPackets International, Inc. ("iPackets") (PINKSHEETS: IPKL), a global developer and provider of a wide range of wireless and communications solutions for selected enterprises including the mining industry, has selected the ARM7 system-on-chip 802.11 wireless technology for its next-generation compact iPMine-M8 810C tracking device, which is scheduled for market introduction during the fourth quarter of this year.

By utilizing the ARM7 technology platform for its tracking devices, iPackets will have a foundation that will enable it to introduce such new features as sensor processing, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), and video streaming in future versions of the company's tracking devices. The ARM7 technology platform will also provide premium processing power to run the multiple features in an efficient manner.

iPackets' management team expects this technology to be very much aligned with the requirements of iPackets' customers and the overall market needs.

"The Wi-Fi market is booming with new solutions that we can utilize in our system for a more efficient design, and the ARM processor is now the number-one core technology used in embedded systems," said Kouros Goodarzi, vice president of engineering of iPackets. "With this technology, we can rely on a fast, powerful, and yet low-power solution for our M8 devices, thereby increase battery life and enabling us to design and manufacture smaller-footprint devices."

"Using a standard ARM core as the application processor for our M8 devices is in line with our roadmaps of moving towards a more feature-rich handheld device for miners to carry," added iPackets CTO Ara Bedrossian.

About iPMine
iPMine is a real-time two-way wireless communications solution designed to significantly improve the safety of miners and equipment in virtually any size mine. iPMine tracks, monitors, and communicates with miners and equipment underground and above ground. Location information of both miners and equipment is collected and displayed live on one or more monitoring stations against a background of a mine's terrain map. iPMine's scalability and flexibility features make it ideal to be deployed in any size mine supporting multiple levels and/or sites. iPMine's redundant communications feature makes the system highly reliable to efficiently operate in the harsh mining environment.

About iPackets International, Inc.
iPackets International is a global developer and provider of a wide range of wireless and communications solutions for selected enterprises, including mine-safety. iPackets' solutions utilize wireless technology to manage data packets reliably and efficiently over any wireless network and virtually on any wireless device.

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