SNUPI Technologies Announces Sensor Integration with Nest

SEATTLE, WA -- SNUPI Technologies announces that its WallyHome product, a sensor network that monitors changes in moisture, temperature, and humidity, will soon work with the Nest Learning Thermostat. The integration highlights the practical benefits of pairing smart home devices with a simple way to maintain a more intelligent, efficient and comfortable home. WallyHome's multifunction wireless sensors measure temperatures in locations placed around the home, resulting in comfort in the rooms that really matter. As part of the integration, a dedicated Nest scheduler in the Wally Dashboard can now be used with WallyHome and the Nest Thermostat to help optimize the ideal temperature in multiple rooms for whole-home comfort.

This integration allows customers to select specific sensors at specific times. The WallyHome Nest scheduler automatically adjusts the temperature in the baby's nursery at night or moderates the temperature in the kitchen when the family is preparing dinner. WallyHome with Nest can also eliminate heating and cooling systems from running unnecessarily when a room is empty.

Consumers expect smart thermostats to automatically adjust to their patterns and lifestyles. But thermostats are often located in a space rarely used, such as a hallway. With WallyHome and Nest, homeowners can set up a schedule for the different lifestyle scenarios within their home, solving a fundamental consumer problem.

"Wally sensors are a perfect complement to the Nest thermostat. By working together, we empower the user like never before to choose the temperature that suits them for specific rooms at precise times of day," said Jeremy Jaech, SNUPI CEO and co-founder. "Your home is your sanctuary and by partnering with Nest, our valued customers have more options to personalize a smarter and healthier household."

How WallyHome Sensors 'Work With Nest'

Traditionally, thermostats only measure the temperature in one location – where it is installed, often in a hallway. Pairing WallyHome with Nest Learning Thermostat makes it possible to measure temperature in multiple rooms. WallyHome provides an accurate snapshot of a home's temperature, making it easier to find an ideal whole-home setting. The more Wally sensors used throughout the home, the better Nest becomes at delivering comfort and savings.

WallyHome uses SNUPI's proprietary ultra-low power technology to wirelessly connect where others communication platforms can't. Since SNUPI technology provides more whole-home coverage than other platforms and has a battery life of over 10 years, Wally sensors can be placed anywhere around the home without connectivity concerns. WallyHome's wireless sensor platform solves the range, battery life, and setup complexities that limit existing home automation platforms.

The complete WallyHome system with one hub and six wireless sensors is available for $299.

For additional information on WallyHome's "Work With Nest" installation and compatibility, visit

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