Snapshot SWIR Camera from UTC Aerospace Systems

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UTC Aerospace Systems

The Sensors Unlimited Model GA1280JS from UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., Charlotte, NC, is a high-resolution shortwave IR (SWIR) digital video camera for military and defense applications. The InGaAs video camera features a 30 Hz full-frame rate with a global shutter function, 1.3 Megapixel resolution at 1280 by 1024 pixels, and a 12.5 µm pitch. The camera weighs <120 g without a lens, is 74 cm3, and has been tested to MIL-STD-810G for integration into aerial, mobile, and handheld imaging systems. It provides daylight to low-light imaging in the SWIR with high sensitivity in the 0.9–1.7 µm micron range.

Contact Info

Company: UTC Aerospace Systems
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 609-520-0610
Fax: 609-520-1663

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