SnapOne, Inc. To Help Device Manufacturers, Telecoms, Insurance Companies and Warranty Providers Track & Manage Device Sensor Data

PRINCETON, NJ -- SnapOne, Inc., introduces the release of its Life Security Action Engine (LSAE) Impact Detection prototype.

The LSAE Impact Detection solution allows device manufacturers, telecoms and insurance and warranty providers to leverage SnapOne's real-time smartphone diagnostic technology to determine a customer's device condition based on sensory operational data within the device. Current sensory data includes using the device accelerometer, with upcoming implementation to include gyroscope, temperature and other sensors. Sensor data is sent in real-time to SnapOne's partners to better assist them in areas like customer service, policy pricing, anti-fraud monitoring for warranty claims payout, underwriting, device quality assessment for trade-ins, and incentivized device-care discounts. When a device breaks or falls, the sensors create a unique signature pattern that can be analyzed to determine how and when it occurred and if it was accidental.

"As smart device usage grows, device manufacturers, telecoms, and warranty providers, all need the deepest level of understanding about the conditions of their customers' devices," said Jiren Parikh, president and CEO of SnapOne, Inc. "This is another way that SnapOne is bringing complete security and actionable insight to our partners."

SnapOne's Impact Detection bridges the gap between customers and insurers at a time when device breakage and insurance fraud is at an all-time high. Recent research shows that insurers estimate nearly 40 percent of mobile device warranty claims are fraudulent. Some industry experts estimate that insurers are currently able to detect as few as one in 10 fraudulent claims. Another survey found that 30 percent of iPhone users had damaged their device within one year of purchasing it.

"We are able to assist warranty providers with detailed information comparing warranty claims with actual, real-time device conditions and automated damage assessment," said Parikh. "This level of insight allows our partners to detect and prevent fraud more effectively than ever before."

The LSAE Impact Detection solution, and other features, can be easily and quickly integrated into partner solutions via an SDK.

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