Smilables Inc. Launches a Breakthrough System Designed to Benefit Babies' Brain Development and Aid New Parents

BERKELEY, CA -- One hundred and thirty million babies are born worldwide each year, and research reveals that their brains advance at a record pace during the first two years of life. The first twenty-four months are therefore critical for learning and baby brain development. Parents have lacked a science-based system that measures the state of the baby moment-to-moment, and delivers the right tools to parents at the right time to help their child learn.

Smilables Inc. is a new company formed by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs, and experts in baby brain development atHarvard, Stanford, and UCLA. The company will be launching a first-of-its-kind, fully-integrated system comprised of a baby smart-wearable bracelet coupled with smartphone-delivered modules for structured parental interactions, and an adaptive feedback mechanism that continuously monitors developmental progress. Adapted from infant brain development laboratories, the system continuously monitors the baby's state, and enables parents to interact with and "feed the hungry brain" of their baby with customized learning materials. Integrated into the system are innovative tools that enable parents to monitor their baby's cognitive development week by week.

"Smilables three-tiered system puts parents and caregivers at the center of their baby's brain development," said Dr.A. K. Pradeep, Founder and CEO of Smilables, and author of the best-seller "The Buying Brain". "The system monitors the baby in real time to identify optimal points of receptivity and provides real-time, age-customized interactions for parents to have with their babies to facilitate their baby's brain development."

Smilables' system is designed for parents and caregivers to use with their baby several times throughout the day. The system has been built ground-up to monitor and benchmark the baby's progress to standards that have been established by specialists in the early childhood development field.

Smilables plans to launch the system in multiple languages in the third quarter of 2015, initially in key international markets includingIndia, China, Japan, US, and select Latin American and European countries. Pricing for the system has not been finalized at this time, but is projected to be accessible by all demographies in the major target markets.

"Our goal is the democratization of world-class knowledge and techniques for baby brain development and putting those tools into the hands of parents at every level of society," said Dr. Pradeep. "The first two years with your baby should be full of smiles -- the happiest, worry-free, and stress-free time. Smilables provides that quiet confidence that you are doing your very best with your new baby."

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