SMIC Offers Stable and Robust Wafer Productions for Fingerprint Sensors

SHANGHAI -- Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation announces that the company has ramped up wafer productions for fingerprint sensors with stable and robust solutions. Fingerprint sensor is the key device of fingerprint identification and automatic collection. Fingerprint identification is considered as the safest and most developed way of authenticating your identity for Smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing products, Internet of Things (IoT), banks and mobile payments, computer peripherals, physical access control, time and attendance, etc.

SMIC's fingerprint sensors manufacturing solution has complete independent IP design modules and delivers excellent yield rate and cost optimization. In addition, SMIC's wafer solutions for fingerprint sensor adopt a special coating protection process which enhances the surface coating's hardness to make it more solid and scratch resistant.

Fingerprint identification has a promising market growth in Smartphones. According to IHS, there were 4.5 million Smartphones shipped with integrated fingerprint sensors in 2012, the amount increased 10 times to 45.7 million in 2013, and the total amount will reach 525 million in 2017.

"At present, SMIC's wafer manufacturing solutions for fingerprint recognition has been widely accepted and welcomed by various customers, and has received a positive market response," said Mike Rekuc, Executive Vice President of SMIC Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "One of our important customers, Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC), a leading provider of fingerprint sensors, has its product based on one of SMIC's stable and robust semiconductor process. This particular customer has occupied a dominant position, both in the mobile space where they are included in 23 launched Android mobile devices, and in the fixed space where they enjoy a market share in excess of 80% in the Chinese market through sales to all major Chinese banks. This is confirming FPC's leading position in the market for capacitive fingerprint sensor devices, as well as demonstrating SMIC's outstanding manufacturing and service capabilities to provide competitive products to customers and help them hit and enlarge their target market."

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