SMI Announces Production Levels for Its New Manufacturing Line

MILPITAS, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Silicon Microstructures Inc. (SMI), a leader in silicon pressure sensor design and manufacture, announced production levels of more than 40,000 pressure sensors per day on its recently installed six-inch wafer MEMS manufacturing line.

The company's pressure sensors—including its ultra-small SM 5108, measuring only 0.65 by 0.65 mm2—are used extensively in automotive, medical, and HVAC markets. The sensors range from low-pressure devices that measure human respiration to high-pressure devices designed for tire pressure monitoring systems and scuba diving air tanks.

The upgrade and qualification of the six-inch line was completed without an interruption in production. Besides being able to accommodate larger wafers, the manufacturing line contains new equipment that enables more precise and clean cassette handling, etching, and depositions for higher performance and reliability.

The company's longstanding expertise in pressure sensor development and production has resulted in highly stable processes that can be adapted for multiple products while allowing rapid turnaround times. Attention to design-for-manufacture and process control has enabled the company to offer greater integration and size reduction for various devices.

"The demand for cost-effective, accurate pressure sensors is growing across multiple markets and our high-volume MEMS production is our response to this need," said Jim Knutti, president of Silicon Microstructures Inc. "With SMI's increased capacity, we continue to enable new MEMS markets and opportunities and expect to see steady growth over the long term."

About Silicon Microstructures Inc.
Silicon Microstructures is a high-volume supplier of standard and custom pressure sensors and other MEMS devices. Customers range from automotive users to medical and industrial system manufacturers requiring precision sensors. SMI's capabilities cover all phases of design, qualification, MEMS manufacture, and customer support as well as MEMS foundry services. For more information, please visit the company's Web site.

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