SMD Antenna Locks Location With Centimeter Accuracy

Antenova’s latest SMD positioning antenna is said to achieve an extraordinary level of accuracy in the GNSS bands. The Raptor antenna can pinpoint a location to within centimeters. The antenna employs the L2, 1,200 MHz satellite bands, which recently became available for civilian use. It is the latest addition to Antenova’s lamiiANT range of rigid FR4 antennas which are designed for easy insertion onto a PCB.


Raptor is a GPS single feed antenna in SMD form, measuring 16 mm x 8 mm x 1.6 mm, making it suitable for small PCBs. The addition of the L2 frequency band combines multi-band satellite signal reception and GNSS correction data. This helps to mitigate position errors, greatly improving accuracy, especially in urban areas. As well as improving tracking, the L2 band is beneficial for UAV’s, Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Agriculture, grid mapping and many other similar emerging applications. For more info, visit Antenova.