SmartSynch and Exceleron Partner for Prepaid Metering

JACKSON, MS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SmartSynch Inc., a global leader in public wireless smart metering technology for the utility industry, and Exceleron Software Inc., recognized as the industry leader in prepaid services for utility companies, have created an integrated platform that enables utilities to leverage AMI technology to cost-effectively initiate spot deployments of prepaid services programs to customers opting for an alternative to a monthly electricity bill. Similar to prepaid cell phones, prepaid metering gives consumers the tools and incentives to better manage their electricity usage each month by allowing them to pay for it in advance at their financial convenience, and keep track of how much they have left in the "tank" before it's time to "fill up" again.

"Prepaid services programs represent the ultimate incentive for consumers to become more energy efficient. It is not a coincidence that, since implementing our Exceleron prepaid program in 2006, we have seen a 12% decrease in energy consumption among our participating customers," said Charles Barton, manager of finance at Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. "As an added benefit, this program enables us to offer our customers the convenience and flexibility of paying for their electricity whenever they want, however they want."

Unlike prepaid systems requiring a utility to install expensive in-home equipment or build a proprietary network to serve a specific segment of its customer base, this new platform leverages SmartSynch's "under glass" AMI solutions using existing public wireless networks, in conjunction with Exceleron's Web and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based Prepaid Account Management System (PAMS). Using public wireless networks to transmit data enables utilities to strategically deploy only to those customers who request prepaid metering while the PAMS solution eliminates further specialized installation and requires no additional in-home equipment. The end result is a graceful deployment with minimal risk for the utility.

"The combination of Exceleron's PAMS platform with our smart metering solutions utilizing public wireless networks now offers utilities a seamless, scalable method for implementing prepaid services programs," said Stephen Johnston, chief executive officer of SmartSynch. "Public wireless AMI technology makes it possible for utilities to cost effectively 'spot deploy' these types of high-value services to any geographically diverse customer base immediately."

"Many electric service providers throughout the United States are seeing the value in offering prepaid programs to meet the needs of their changing customer base," said Bob Crenshaw, president and chief executive officer of Exceleron. "This new platform gives utilities a cost-effective approach to initiating prepaid services programs, while leveraging an existing robust network for their AMI end points in select geographical areas as needed."

About SmartSynch
Headquartered in Jackson, MS, SmartSynch has been developing successful Smart Grid Intelligence solutions for the utility industry since 2000. The company's clean-tech innovations in the two-way delivery of real-time energy usage data over public wireless networks, in lieu of private network build-outs, have to-date simplified SmartMeter deployments for 75+ major North American utilities, while enabling green-energy initiatives and delivering significantly higher returns on resources.

Unlike proprietary, closed-architecture solutions, SmartSynch's SmartMeters represent future-proof investments in technology. The standards-based IP connectivity enabled in every SmartMeter deployed makes them adaptable and remotely upgradeable to support today's sensor and communications needs, as well as tomorrow's opportunities, better than any alternative.

About Exceleron Software
Exceleron Software, a software development company based in Dallas, TX, has over 10 years experience in the prepaid industry. Exceleron's Prepaid Account Management System (PAMS) is currently installed and operational in many electric utilities throughout the United States. PAMS is a web based application requiring no hardware investment. The platform can also be utilized for automated usage notifications for both prepaid and post-paid customers. For additional information, please contact: Jeff Severs, chief operating officer, at 972-852-2704 or [email protected] or visit Exceleron's Web site.

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