Smartphone Battery Endurance Challenge Confirms Lucid's PowerXtend Technology Advantage

NETANYA, Israel -- In a January 10th Flagship Smartphones Battery Life Challenge in China, the Meizu PRO5 with PowerXtend was the last device running after all other screens went dark. The PRO5 is the first device to integrate PowerXtend version 3.5, the latest version of the product that introduces the groundbreaking, patented, ICE power saving engine.

The test was conducted live in front of one hundred referees and tens of thousands online viewers. All test devices were operated under the same conditions, playing the classic mobile phone game "Need for Speed". To ensure test consistency, brand new devices were set to flight mode, screen brightness of 150nits, sound muted and battery charged 100%. The Nexus 6P with a 3,450 mAh battery was the first to shut down after 3 hours 29 minutes of intensive gaming. The Huawei Mate8, equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery gave up after 6 hours 11 minutes and at 6 hours 48 minutes the iPhone 6s Plus left the game after its 2750 mAh battery ran dead. The Meizu PRO5, with Lucid's PowerXtend integrated, outlasted all other devices with a whopping 7 hours 4 minutes battery life. This result is even more impressive, considering that the device packs a 3,050 mAh battery, the lowest capacity amongst all Android devices tested.

"Higher battery capacity does not always imply longer operating time, and also comes with a toll of increased weight, space and cost. Lucid's PowerXtend power saving software extends device battery life by optimizing device processing for various apps and content, without compromise to functionality," said Adina Shorr, Lucid CEO, after the contest. "The results speak for themselves, attesting that Lucid's approach enable devices with any battery capacity to provide winning performance under the challenging requirements of mobile gamers."

Lucid's PowerXtend has become the de-facto standard for Android mobile power saving software and the Meizu PRO5 is the first smartphone model to support the newest PowerXtend version 3.5. The new version introduces the ICE, a groundbreaking power saving engine based on patented technology. ICE sets a new standard for the user experience, enabling longer playing time and lower device heat.

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