SmartMetric Brings Biometrics to Safeguard Individual Medical Records While Providing True Portability Across the Medical Care Team

NEW YORK, NY - SmartMetric, Inc. - Speaking today, SmartMetric™ Inc. President & CEO Chaya Hendrick said its fingerprint activated portable medical records device called the MedicalKeyring overcomes the huge problem of doctors across a patients care team seeing each other's records. Many people with a chronic illness have more than one doctor and a lot can have up to five doctor's providing treatment. The issue today is that because of so many different medical records systems being used records on one doctors computer system can't in most cases be viewed by another doctor on the patients care treatment team.
The lack of interoperability between doctors health records systems possess a serious problem in making effective use of electronic medical records. The interoperability issue has become such a huge problem that recently the United Kingdom decided to abandon its attempt to create a central health records database after spending 9 years and over 2 Billion British pounds.

The SmartMetric solution uses a distributed database approach putting a person's medical records on a portable device that can be easily shared and updated by all the doctors on the medical care team. The SmartMetric product called the MedicalKeyring, has in addition to the capacity to store patient records, it also can store medical images such as x-rays, mammograms, sonograms etc. The MedicalKeyring also has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner that is used to protect access to the patient's records. The person's fingerprint is stored inside the device requiring the patient to pass their finger over the biometric sensor in order to unlock access.

It is also interoperable being able to work on any doctor's or hospital computer.
It is estimated by the CDC that there are over 130 million people in the United States with chronic illness. For further information on SmartMetric and its technology go to For information on the SmartMetric MedicalKeyring, go to

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