SmartCode Offers the World's First 5¢ RFID Tag

New York, N.Y., SmartCode Corp., the world's leading manufacturer of low-cost, high-performance RFID hardware solutions announced at the 2006 RFID Journal Live conference that it will offer the world's first 5¢ RFID tags.

This historical milestone makes SmartCode the first company in the world to reach the 5¢ tag, ahead of any other company in the field. Since the formation of the EPC standard in 1999, the target tag price for a sustainable, ROI-driven RFID market has greatly depended on the availability of the 5¢ RFID tags.

In the course of the past seven years, the 5¢ target was considered a true technological challenge for the RFID industry, and SmartCode—The RFID Company is the first company to offer these RFID tags at these prices.

"SmartCode Corp. is delighted with reaching this remarkable milestone of the world's first 5¢ RFID tag," said Avi Ofer, SmartCode Corp. President. "With no other Pure Play RFID company offering such a variety of RFID solutions, both passive and active, including LF, HF, UHF, and microwave, supporting multiple international standards and operating globally with an established presence in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, SmartCode is well positioned to continue its global leadership in this rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar market. SmartCode's 5¢ RFID tag further demonstrates our technological superiority and our unique leadership position as being second to none in the market."

Available in quantities of 100 million tags, the world's first 5¢ RFID tags provide an important path to the mass adoption of RFID worldwide. Suppliers of Wal-Mart, Department of Defense, Target Corp., Albertson's, Tesco in the U.K., and Metro in Germany can now have a reliable, low-cost source for their pallet-, case-, and item-level tagging with a clear path to justify ROI for RFID.

The introduction of RFID in the supply chain is widely regarded as the replacement to bar codes in tracking goods. Unlike bar code systems, RFID does not require line-of-sight or any other orientation from the tag's side and greatly reduces the manual costs associated with the reading of each bar code label. RFID tags possess a unique ID that enables them to store information about the product, such as features and manufacturing date. Based on research of the Auto ID Center at MIT, which later became EPCglobal, the demand for RFID tags with a 5¢ price tag has indicated a huge demand from world leading retailers and manufacturers. The Auto ID Center has created a demand table for the estimated number of RFID tags to be used by retailers and manufacturers.

About SmartCode Corp.
SmartCode Corp. is a world-leading, low-cost, high-performance EPC RFID manufacturer, with revolutionary, patented, and cost-effective RFID manufacturing processes. Our patented technologies enable the manufacturing of large quantities of RFID tags at a fraction of the cost of today's traditional RFID processes. SmartCode Corp. introduces a cost-effective approach to dramatically reducing our client's total cost of operation, thus increasing their ROI. Highly affordable RFID solutions from SmartCode enable companies to receive 100% real-time visibility of their products across their entire supply chain. SmartCode Corp. is headquartered in New York, N.Y., with offices in London, Silicon Valley, London, and Hong Kong and an R&D center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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