Smart Vision Lights Introduces LE Series of ‘Everything’ Linear Lights

Muskegon, MI — Inspired by European style, Smart Vision Lights, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, is pleased to introduce its new LE Series of sealed lights. The lights offer everything needed in one sleek design, including rugged IP65-rated housing, strobe and constant operation capability, and the convenience of aluminum extrusion T-slot mounting. The housings with internal driver are sealed to provide drip-proof/splash-proof protection, and the aluminum design provides maximum heat dissipation and ventilation to allow for pressure equalization.

The LE is among the first products to include Smart Vision Lights’ new Multi-Drive driver, which allows the light to operate in constant output mode or in OverDrive strobe operation. “Until now, we have offered only non-sealed IP50 and IP68 linear lights sealed for high-pressure washdown, so this is new for us,” says Matt Pinter, director of engineering at Smart Vision Lights. “With the introduction of the LE Series, we now offer sealed linear lights at an exceptionally economic price that includes our standard combination of constant-on or overdrive strobe operation and internal driver.”

The LE Series of lights offers ultimate output, performance, and looks and can operate in both constant on with 1-10V analog control and/or overdrive. The lights are available in 300-, 600-, 900-, and 1200-mm lengths and come with T-slot mounting hardware. The series will be available in wavelengths ranging from UV to IR, and lens options will include Line, 12, 25, 60, and 80 degrees.

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