Smart Tweezer LCR/ESR Meter Is Bluetooth Enabled

Smart Tweezer LCR/ESR Meter Is Bluetooth Enabled
Siborg Systems Inc.

Unveiled as the latest model in the Smart Tweezers line of handheld LCR and ESR meters, the ST5S-BT has a Bluetooth enabled connection that allows users to remotely record their measurements. Based on the ST-5S model, this model offers the most features and functions as well as a basic accuracy of 0.2%. The Bluetooth enabled tweezers can connect to computers and NI Labview via a USB receiver stick that enables a virtual serial port. Eventually, the device will be able to connect to a dedicated app for iOS, Android and Windows. When the ST5S-BT sends information, it is received as a string of values separated by commas. For example: C1.398nF,R3.264kR,10kHz,0.5,S,,,, This text represents the main impedance value (Capacitance 1.398nF), secondary impedance values (Resistance 3.264 kR), the test frequency (10kHz), the test signal level (0.5 Volts), the measurement mode ('S' for Serial), and four reserved values. Currently, the sent data can be received by any communication software, such as the free Tera Term software.

Siborg Systems Inc.
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