Smart Trashcan Helps You Shop

Is this really pure genius or just the Internet of Trash (IoT)? Well, one person’s trash can be another one’s gold ….. and mildew.

Essentially, the GeniCan physically attaches to your existing trash can and connects wirelessly to your home network. It automatically scans the barcodes of your groceries as you throw them away. If you throw away items that don't have a barcode, like fruits and vegetables, use simple voice commands to tell GeniCan what it is.

The GeniCan attaches to your trashcan and tallies what is thrown out by reading barcodes on your trash or from user voice commands.

Of course there is an app that accompanies the GeniCan. This little marvel automatically creates a shopping list that you can access via smartphone or other Internet enabled device when you're at your favorite market. Everything on the list is sorted by aisle and even discount coupons are sent directly to the app.

According to its maker, “there hasn't been a smart trash can until now, some say it's just genius.” High praise indeed, however this is just the thing for folks who forget to make a list and always forget something when shopping. Apparently it works well for those who consistently eat what they discard. In this case, one’s trash is gold for the supermarket owner(s).

With a starting price of $119, GeniCan could be viewed by some as an affordable necessity. You can find out more about this device at

Happy shopping! ~MD

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