Smart Sensor Drives Disposable Wireless Temperature Loggers

The AS39513 from ams is an NFC sensor tag and data logger IC for smart labels that promises more efficient and accurate monitoring of the condition of assets such as food, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products in storage and in transit. The device is a complete digital sensor with an NFC front end that can be integrated into smart labels. A unique ID as well as logged temperature and other data stored in its internal memory can be read by any authorized NFC reader such as a smartphone or tablet.


The AS39513 includes an NFC front end, a temperature sensor and an analog interface to an external sensor. Other functions include a real-time clock, 10-bit ADC, configurable data-logging engine, a 9-kbit password-protected EEPROM, and a serial peripheral interface (SPI). Powered by a 1.5V single-cell or 3V dual-cell battery, it can store up to 1,020 time-stamped sensor measurements. Compliant with ISO15693 and NFC-V (T5T) standards, it can be read over a range of a few centimeters with an NFC mobile phone. An extended read range of 1m to 2m can be achieved when using dedicated ISO15693 readers.

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The AS39513, which supersedes the SL13A sensor tag, has a higher-performance temperature sensor which offers guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5°C in the critical range from -20°C to 10°C, and ±1°C over an extended range from -20°C to 55°C. The AS39513 is available as a bumped die or in a chipscale package (CSP) measuring 0.3-mm high. Pricing is $1.19 each/5,000. Want more details? You can request a AS39513 datasheet directly from ams now.


ams USA Inc.

Plano, TX


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