Smart Prosthetic Knee Unveiled

PRWEB UK -- The Power Knee uses cutting-edge bionic technology developed by Ossur to respond instantly to the precise movements of the amputee and react to motions of sitting, standing, climbing stairs, and walking. It also prevents stumbles.

Successfully trialed in the U.S. and Iceland, the Power Knee represents a new category of prosthetic technology. Unlike conventional prostheses, which require an amputee to consciously move them by directly engaging the anatomical structures of their remaining limb, the Power Knee is designed to replace lost muscle function and perform as an integrated extension of its user.

It uses battery power to replace lost muscle capability and asymmetrical movement often found in people with limb loss.

With integrated artificial intelligence systems, sophisticated motion sensors, and wireless communications, Power Knee is a "smart" prosthetic limb that can "learn" its user's walking style and automatically make real-time adjustments, based on changes in speed, stride, or terrain.

Power Knee user David Jonsson commented, "A motorized knee is different from a passive knee, which just follows the motion of the body. The motor gives you more control over the knee. It allows you to mimic the natural gait more easily, and allows users to use their body more like the way it is intended to work because they do not have to compensate for using a prosthesis and muscle loss."

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