Smart Parking Exploits Double Radio with LoRaWAN and Sigfox

Libelium has created a new version of its Waspmote Plug&Sense! Smart Parking, a solution for Smart Cities that allows citizens to detect available parking spots. The new device is easier and cheaper to deploy as it is mounted on the road surface.

Unlike most market versions, it does not need to dig a hole in the ground for installation reducing installation time from 30 to 5 minutes and allowing to be replaced by another unit in case of maintenance in just 10 minutes. The new device has a smaller size (reduced over 50%), higher accuracy, and reliability, and faster time of detection. Besides, temperature does not affect the behavior of readings.



The sensor system is fully compatible with LPWAN radio technologies -LoRaWAN and Sigfox to enable long range and low power consumption. It can be connected with both radios for the European 868 MHz band and for the 900-930 MHz band (US/Canada).

One unique feature of the system is that it allows to use both radio technologies at the same time or change from one to another easily from the Cloud. With the new sensor system, one base station can give service to thousands of devices around a range of several kilometers in urban environment. This fact provides lower costs of installation since the number of base stations can be dramatically reduced. Besides, the new sensor model has been optimized for really low-power operation, so the battery lifetime is extended up to 10 years easily.

The parking node has been certified with the CE/FCC/IC marks and provides a robust software which works out-of-the-box. Developers do not need to program the nodes but specify the values of key parameters in the firmware such as working cycle or night mode to be ready to work. Remote management and bidirectional communication allows to change several parameters of the nodes from the Cloud. This means that thousands of nodes can be reprogrammed just setting the right values from our web browser in the management platform.

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