Smart Meter Data Collection System from Canary Labs

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Canary Labs

Canary Labs, Martinsburg, PA, offers the Smart Meter Solution, software designed to collect, display, and store trend historian data from electric and gas smart meters. You can then use the data to generate reports or to provide information via Web pages to consumers. The software stores smart meter data using the company's Enterprise Historian, a time series database specifically designed to efficiently store and retrieve data. Logging and data performance provided by the software is typically 10–100 times faster than that of traditional databases. Features include redundancy; facilitation of long-term data management, including data validation, archiving, and roll-up; security and audit logs; customized reports and charts; and Web access to reports and charts.

Contact Info

Company: Canary Labs
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 814-793-3770

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