Smart Lighting Manager Enables IoT-Connected Daylight Harvesting

Smart Lighting Manager Enables IoT-Connected Daylight Harvesting
ams AG

Deemed revolutionary, the AS721x autonomous daylighting manager debuts as the industry’s first integrated chip-scale Internet of Things (IoT)-connected smart lighting manager. A sensor-integrated smart lighting manager, it delivers cost-effective, IoT-connected integrated control capabilities to luminaire, light engine, and replacement lamp manufacturers. Photopic sensors built with nano-optic filters integrated into the AS721x series address the growing challenges of energy-saving lighting mandates including daylighting controls. Features include:
Additional attributes of the ams’ AS721x Autonomous Daylighting Manager:

• 20-pin 2.1 x 2.3mm chip-scale and 4.5 x 4.7mm land grid array package options
• Photopic daylighting sensor for accurate ambient light sensing and control
• Integrates with industry standard 0-10v controls, driving 0-10v and multi-channel PWM outputs
• Standard serial UART (AS7211) for expansion to any standard networking or integrated IR remote control decoding (AS7210)
• Network-enabled architecture with a high-level, driverless smart lighting command set for IoT connectivity via Bluetooth 4.x (BLE) , ZigBee, WiFi, Ethernet/PoE or other networks
• I2C sensor expansion creating lighting-hosted sensor-bridge capabilities

Pricing is less than $3 each/5,000.

ams USA Inc.
Raleigh, NC

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Company: ams AG
Country: Austria
Phone number: 43 3136 500 32110

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