Smart IoT Lighting Brings Surveillance and Safety to Municipalities and College Campuses

Imagine street lighting with 360-degree video cameras, facial recognition and real-time notification to security and police dispatchers - all built discreetly into one streamlined, architecturally designed light post. This is Smart IoT™ Lighting from PennSMART®. Smart IoT (Internet of Things) Lighting is the wave of the future.

PennSMART's IoT lighting solutions provide increased security for town and school communities through the ability to discreetly monitor, detect and analyze activity that takes place in the vulnerable areas under the trees.

Customizable security and safety features include:

• Discreet, dynamic surveillance cameras "under the trees" where vision is not obstructed
• 360-degree motion sensor video cameras that can trigger programmable bright lights
• Facial mapping (beyond recognition) using GPUs
• Police/Security notification in real-time (within 3 seconds)
• Gunshot sensors and notifications
• Glass break sensors and notifications
• Emergency blue lights
• Data collection (e.g. license plate readers)
• Digital signage (amber alerts, evacuation notices, etc.)
• Security and Surveillance

Lights can be programmed to run at dimmed level during either peak energy consumption times or low-traffic hours, and to instantly flood the area with light (in a range of colors and strobes) when triggered by one of numerous sensors.

Intelligence discreetly embedded inside the framework of PennSMART's IoT pedestrian and street lighting allows for the aesthetically pleasing architectural design for which Penn Globe (The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company) is known.

First Deployment in Development

PennSMART has chosen Connecticut's Town of North Branford and the Stanley T. Williams Community Center as the site for the debut deployment of its Smart IoT Lighting. The community center also houses the town's senior center and is adjacent to the town's Totoket Valley Elementary School. This PennSMART rollout features a basic surveillance package including 360-degree motion sensor video camera, gunshot sensors and an energy-efficient LED lighting platform.

For more information about PennSMART's new solutions for lighting, security, surveillance and public safety, visit

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