Smart Inspection System Is One Of A Kind

Smart Inspection System Is One Of A Kind

According to Lakeview Vision & Robotics, its vision-guided robotic inspection system is the only product of its kind in the manufacturing marketplace in that it provides both automated inspection and decision making via an exclusive process monitoring tool. Said to be low-cost, the system uses a state-of-the-art ST Robotics R12 articulated robot arm, a high-density camera, and precision algorithms. It can inspect 100% of parts, thereby eliminating the traditional sampling method. It can also make multi-dimensional, high-speed measurements to 0.001 in., often in less than one minute. Other features include graphical user interfaces, a small footprint, and the ability to sort and package. For more details, go to

Lakeview Vision & Robotics
Chicago, IL 60657
[email protected]

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