Smart Insole Measures Activity At Point Of Contact

Why measure your step count from your wrist? With MEGAComfort’s new intelligent Energysole powered by MEGAStepsTM technology, users can now measure and analyze their activity at the point of contact - their feet. With smart phone connectivity, the Energysole’s state-of-the-art sensors generate step-by-step performance data which is transmitted directly to the MEGASteps App in real-time. This allows wearers to easily track steps, calories burned, level of activity and distance traveled by foot.


Energysoles utilize the same patented 100 percent dual-layer memory foam, clinically designed to reduce pain and fatigue, while providing maximum shock absorption and comfort. However, these insoles take MEGAComfort’s wellness mission one step further with cutting-edge technology that puts wellness in the user’s hands.


Energysole can be used daily for leisure or sport activity. It can be integrated into corporate wellness programs to incentivize employees to live healthier lifestyles, ultimately driving down costly employer health insurance premiums.


Energysole users can also easily share activity results and milestones via a secure group website. The Energysole group site encourages team spirit and motivates users through performance comparisons with team members and the community. For more information, go to and

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