Smart Battery Sports Improved Design

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- mPhase Technologies reports on an improved design in the nanostructure of its "smart" battery under development. Speaking at the Advancements in Battery Technology & Power Management Conference in Chicago, Alex Langa, the company's director of business development, reports that a "honeycomb" membrane design is helping to reduce the processing steps required to manufacture the battery. The honeycomb membrane separates the electrolyte from the electrodes until power is needed. This property enhances a key feature of the device to immediately begin the electrochemical process of producing power on demand.

The device relies on the principles of microfluidics and electro-wetting to keep the battery in an inactive state for a long shelf life while retaining the properties of reaching full voltage potential when called upon to produce current.

About mPhase Technologies, Inc.
mPhase Technologies Inc. develops and commercializes next-generation telecommunications and nanotechnology solutions, delivering novel systems to the marketplace that advance functionality and reduce costs. The company, awarded the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Technology Award and the Nano 50 Award from NASA Nanotech Briefs, is bringing nanotechnology out of the laboratory and into the market with a planned, innovative long-life power cell. Additionally, the company is working on prototype ultra-sensitive magnetometers that promise up to a 1,000-fold increase in sensitivity as compared with available uncooled sensors. More information is available at the mPhase Web site.