Small Mechanical Shaker from The Modal Shop

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The Modal Shop Inc.

The K2007E01 SmartShaker integrated, miniature mechanical exciter for modal testing or vibration studies from The Modal Shop Inc., Cincinnati, OH, has an integrated power amplifier design that eliminates the bulk, weight, and size of traditional stand-alone linear power amplifiers. The shaker can be driven directly from any sound source, weighs 7 lb., and provides a 7 lbf/31 N force rating and 13 mm usable stroke. Other features include carbon fiber composite flexure suspension arms; ergonomic handles for simple shaker positioning; multiple gain settings and system mute selectable via integrated digital control; smart monitoring of amplifier clipping, overcurrent, and overheating with automatic shutdown; and 92% efficient operation.

Contact Info

Company: The Modal Shop Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-860-4867
Fax: 513-458-2172

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