Small Industrial Power Connectors Carry Type 4X Ratings

Small Industrial Power Connectors Carry Type 4X Ratings
Wieland Electric Inc.

Rated at 600V/16A, the RST® MINI 5-pole circular connectors promise to reduce installation time by up to 80% and installation costs by up to 25%. The connectors employ the company’s TWISTLOCK technology to securely mate the two connector halves. Users push the two halves together, and a lock ring automatically twists to secure the connection. RST MINI Series connectors are also mechanically and color-coded to improve assembly time and reduce the potential for installation errors. They are available in cable- or panel-mounted versions. The cable-mounted version accommodates cables from 7.1mm to 13mm in diameter. The panel-mounted version has M20 threads that feature a flat spot designed to improve the ease of installation. For more information, visit  

Wieland Electric Inc.
Ontario, Canada
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Company: Wieland Electric Inc.
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